We work with environmental psychology

Last changed: 28 September 2022

The department of People and Society is part of the SLU Alnarp campus outside of Malmö. You will find the members of the environmental psychology staff in the Alnarp Castle, beautifully embedded in the Alnarp Park, but also in the Alnarp Rehabilitation Garden.

Anna Bengtsson

Lecturer, deputy head of subject
Phone: +46 40-415170
E-mail: anna.bengtsson@slu.se
CV page (in Swedish)


woman with long dark hair

Amanda Gabriel

Phone: +4640415233, +46735186432
E-mail: amanda.gabriel@slu.se
CV page (in Swedish)


Patrik Grahn

Phone: +46 40-415425
E-mail: patrik.grahn@slu.se
CV page (in Swedish)


Mats Gyllin

Phone: +46 40-415537
E-mail: mats.gyllin@slu.se
CV page


Caroline Hägerhäll

Professor, head of subject
Phone: +46 40-415015
E-mail: caroline.hagerhall@slu.se


Sara Kyrö Wissler

Project coordinator (on leave)
Phone: +46 40-415107
E-mail: sara.kyro@slu.se



Woman with long dark hairHelene Landin

Phone: +4640415508, +46730964289



Anna Litsmark

Research assistant (on leave)
Phone: +46 40-41 55 32
E-mail: anna.litsmark@slu.se


Elizabeth Marcheschi

E-mail: elizabeth.marcheschi@slu.se


Fredrika Mårtensson

Senior lecturer 
Phone: +46 40-415453, +46 727-402262
E-mail: fredrika.martensson@slu.se


Nina Oher

PhD student 
Phone: +46 40-415442
E-mail: nina.oher@slu.se


woman in red shirt

Anna María Pálsdóttir

Phone: +46 40-415536
E-mail: anna.maria.palsdottir@slu.se
CV page (in Swedish and English)


Jonathan Stoltz

Telephone: +4640415497
E-mail: jonathan.stoltz@slu.se


Mark Wales

PhD student 
Phone: +46 40-415078, +46 761872287
E-mail: mark.wales@slu.se
CV page


Elisabeth von Essen

Phone: +46 40-415529
E-mail: elisabeth.von.essen@slu.se
CV page (in Swedish)


Anna Åshage

Research assistant 
E-mail: anna.ashage@slu.se


caroline.hagerhall@slu.se, +46 40 415015

anna.bengtsson@slu.se, +46 40 415170