About the Alnarp Rehabilitation Garden

Last changed: 16 October 2019

Research at SLU Alnarp has made the campus one of the leading environments within nature-based interventions. The Alnarp Rehabilitation Garden is a Living Lab.

In 2001 the Alnarp Rehabilitation Garden was designed and built in a corner of the university campus. The aim was to develop a new kind of therapy that combined the use of restorative natural areas, with horticultural therapy and traditional occupational therapy, physiotherapy and psychotherapy and create a garden design that merged theories on horticultural therapy with restorative environments. It was hypothesized that this garden environment, with its combination of possibilities for experiences and the different activities conducted within the therapy would be able to help people restore from stress and promote health

(Excerpt from Tenngart Ivarsson, C. 2011.  On the Use and Experience of a Health Garden.)