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Last changed: 12 March 2019

The Department of Ecology is one of SLU’s biggest departments, with high-quality research, substantial scientific production, comprehensive collaboration with society and high marks on the undergraduate courses we are responsible for.

The increased pressure on biological natural resources constitutes a global challenge. Sustainable agriculture and forestry require good insight into the ecology of species and how the ecosystem works. At the Department of Ecology, we produce and communicate knowledge that can be used for effective environmental protection and wildlife management, effective protection of plants and sustainable forest and agricultural production.

Some facts about us:

  • There are about 140 employees at the department. Please see our staff list.
  • You can find us at Grimsö Research Station in the county of Västmanland and in Ultuna, Uppsala.
  • Together with the Department of Crop Production Ecology we form the Ecology Centre.
  • The Wildlife Damage Centre is part of the department. It is a national centre for information and education about management of protected wildlife, such as large carnivores and large grazing birds.
  • Under the same roof you can also find parts of the Unit for Risk Assessment of Alien Plant Pests. They mainly deal with insects.
  • We are responsible for six subjects: forest entomology, landscape ecology, insect ecology, conservation biology, soil ecology, wildlife ecology, agricultural entomology and system ecology. Our research units are linked to these subjects.
  • The department belongs to two faculties: the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences and the Faculty of Forest Sciences.
  • In 2016, we published an average of 3.2 scientific publications per researcher. The most common journals were Forest Ecology and Management, Biological Conservation and Ecology and Evolution.
  • Our most important funders are the Swedish Energy Agency, Formas, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agencyand the Swedish Research Council (annual report 2016).
  • We collaborate with forest owners, farmers, hunters, bird watchers, authorities, NGOs, policy makers and many more. We also interact with the general public at different events and in some of our projects.
  • We are responsible for 21 courses at Bachelor’s and Master’s level that focus on ecology, biology and environmental sciences.  
  • We have several environmental monitoring projects focusing on landscape, wildlife and forest damage.
  • Grimsö Wildlife Research Station is part of SITES (Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science).
  • We share an environmental certificate with the Department of Crop Production Ecology, the Swedish Species Information Centre and the Swedish Biodiversity Centre. We also have goals to reduce our negative environmental impact from travel, purchasing and energy consumption. We also want to increase our positive environmental impact by sharing our knowledge on sustainable development and sustainable use of natural resources with society.

Adress Uppsala

Post address:

Department of Ecology
Box 7044
75007 Uppsala

Visiting address:

Department of Ecology
Ulls väg 16
75651 Uppsala

Delivery address (heavy/large items):

Lennart Hjelms väg 5
75651 Uppsala


 (+46) 18-671000 (vx)


 (+46) 18-672890

Adress Grimsö

Grimsö Wildlife Research Station
Department of Ecology
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
SE – 730 91 Riddarhyttan

Tamm seminars

We arrange scientific seminars on Tuesdays in Tammsalen at Ecology Centre. You will find the Tamm Seminars in the Calendar and on the electric screen in the entrance.


The picture on our main page, the spider web, comes from Wikimedia Commons. Photographer Luc Viatour/www.Lucnix.be 


Anna Lundhagen, researcher, Head of Department
Department of Ecology, SLU
anna.lundhagen@slu.se +46 (18) 672370

Sönke Eggers, researcher, Deputy Head of Department
Department of Ecology
sonke.eggers@slu.se +46 (
0)18-672630, +46 (0)76-8283848

Ann Berner Westerberg, Head of Administration  
Department of Ecology, SLU
018-672260, 070-9999881 ann.b.westerberg@slu.se 

Peter Redbo Torstensson, Senior Lecturer, director of undergraduate studies
Department of Ecology, SLU
peter.torstensson@slu.se     +46 (0)18-672303        

Erik Öckinger, researcher, director of postgraduate studies
Department of Ecology, SLU
erik.ockinger@slu.se    +46 (0)18-672303        

Anna Lundmark, Communications officer
Ecology Centre, SLU
anna.lundmark@slu.se, +46 (18)-672335