Soil Ecology

Last changed: 08 July 2019
Stenplattor och nedsänkta krukor som ingår i ett försök. Foto.

We study how land use and fragmentation of habitats affect plants and animals as well as ecosystem processes. In Sweden, we have unique expertise in soil fauna in both agricultural and forest landscapes.

Many of the organisms that we study carry out important ecosystem services in agriculture or forestry.

For instance, bees are important for pollination of many crops, and earthworms are important for soil structure and nutrient cycling. Spiders and predatory beetles can control pest insects, and plants produce the basic resources for above-ground and soil food webs.

We examine the landscape characteristics and management practices needed for plants and animals to survive, reproduce and persist in dynamic landscapes.

Research topics

In our unit we adress questions related to:

  • Food webs
  • Ecosystem functioning
  • Diversity and distribution of species
  • Spatial population dynamics and dispersal
  • Metacommunities
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