Plenary speakers

Last changed: 12 March 2019

We have seven plenary speakers from Sweden and abroad linked to our six themes, with an extra plenary given by an early-career researcher with links to Sweden.

Priyanga Amarasekare, UCLA, USA

Priyanga Amaresekare will present under the theme of Trophic interactions. She addresses mechanisms that maintain biological diversity in variable environments, studying multi-trophic interactions from both an ecological and an evolutionary perspective.

Katja Räsänen, EAWAG, Switzerland

Katja Räsänen will present under the theme of Eco-evolutionary dynamics. Her focus is to understand ecological and evolutionary responses of individuals and populations to environmental stress, spatio-temporal dynamics of natural selection, and the molecular mechanisms of adaptation.

Rachel Warren, University of East Anglia, UK

Rachel Warren’s work focuses mainly on the quantification of the impacts of climate change, including its effects on biodiversity, and will present under the theme of Global change ecology. She is an author on the the recent report exploring the implications of 1.5 – 2 °C rises in global temperatures.

Brendan Bohannan, University of Oregon, USA

Research in Brendan Bohannan’s research group is focused on the causes and consequences of microbial biodiversity in nature as well as in human-dominated environments. Prof. Bohannan is especially interested in promoting the integration of microbial ecology into the general science of ecology. Brendan will speak under the theme of Microbial ecology.

Lysanne Snijders, IGB, Germany

Lysanne Snijders will present under the theme of Behavioural Ecology. She focuses on concepts such as: animal personality, social networks, foraging, communication, migration and learning in geese, ducks, songbirds, bats, fish and humans.

Yann Clough, Lund University, Sweden

Yann Clough is a landscape ecologist studying drivers and effects of land-use on biodiversity, species interactions and ecosystem services, with a fondness for arthropods. At the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research in Lund he works on synergies and trade-offs between biodiversity, climate, and food-related sustainability goals in several interdisciplinary projects.

Wojciech Uszko, Umeå University, Sweden (early career plenary speaker)

Wojciech Uszko’s research focuses on consumer-resource interactions across gradients of nutrient enrichment and temperature. He uses theoretical approaches as well as experimental studies with pelagic crustaceans and algae as model organisms. Wojciech defended his doctoral thesis at Umeå University in 2016. Currently, he is working on the effects of producer stoichiometry and food web structure on ecosystem function.


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