Climate change

Last changed: 05 December 2018

Climate change will be a major driver for ecosystem change during the coming century, and its impacts are already apparent on species and ecosystems across the world. Our research on the effects of climate change and other global processes considers population dynamics, species interactions, ecosystem functioning and species distributions. We are particularly interested in the interactive effects of climate change and other drivers, such as land use change, nitrogen deposition and invasive species.



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Research groups

The department consists of eight major research groups  All groups work with climate to some extent.

Examples of projects

Direct and indirect effects of climate change: consequences on conservation strategies and policy

Contact: Thomas Ranius

Drivers and consequences of species turnover with climate change

Contact: Yoan Fourcade

Aliens in space and time - predicting the distribution and invasion corridors of introduced terrestrial vertebrates in Europe under global warming

Contact: Mariano Rodriguez Recio

Detecting microbial aquatic inviders before they become an ecological problem

Contact: Ane T Laugen

Species distributions, population dynamics and interactions at climatic range margins

Contact Erik Öckinger

Climate change effects on species distribution and species interactions

Kontakt: Åsa Berggren

How does stump harvesting affect the environment and the climate?

Tree stump harvesting and its environmental consequences

Contact: Tryggve Persson

Future carbon balance of forest ecosystems

Contact: Riitta Hyvönen

Future crop production relies on new management strategies for soils

Contact: Thomas Kätterer

Using opportunistic citizen science data for evaluations of environmental change

Contact:  Debora Arlt

Population dynamics of a migrant passerine bird, the northern wheatear

Contact: Debora Arlt, Tomas Pärt, Matt Low

The effect of cropping systems on soil organic matter storage and carbon sequestration

Contact: Thomas Kätterer

How is climate change affecting the spruce bark beetle and the larger pine shoot beetle?

Contact: Niklas Björklund, Petter Öhrn och Anna-Maria Jönsson (Lunds universitet)

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