Ecosystem services and processes

Last changed: 12 March 2019

Ecosystem services are functions in ecosystems that favour humans, for example pollination and biological control of pest insects. The department of Ecology also studies biological processes that are essential for cultivation and generally speaking all life on earth – one example being the carbon cycle. With greater knowledge of ecosystem services and processes, future generations will be able to make use of land and forests in sustainable ways.


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Research groups

The department consists of eight major research groups  All groups work with ecosystem services to some extent. Read about some of the projects at Bommarco lab.

Examples of projects

Could Biodiversity Assure Weed regulation for Resilient Ecosystem service provision? (BioAWARE)

Read the article Weed seed predation – an overlooked ecosystem service

Read more at the Bommarco lab page

Contact: Eirini Daouti

Can redundant predator communities contribute to stable biological control in the future?


Managing soil ecosystem services and earthworm-nematode-mycorrhizal fungal interactions in farming systems

Contact: Janne Bengtsson, Astrid Taylor, Maria Viketoft

SoilMan - Ecosystem services driven by the diversity of soil biota - understanding and management in agriculture

Read more on SoilMan Project Web

Contact: Janne BengtssonAstrid Taylor


RESTORE - Habitat  restoration in fragmented landscapes: effects on biodiversity and ecosystem  functions

Restoration of plant and pollinator communities in fragmented grasslands

Contact: Erik Öckinger

Advanced Understanding of Ecosystem Functioning through Food Web Ecology

SLU news New approach can reveal how species, populations and ecosystems are affected by environmental changes

Contact: Tomas Roslin, Tomas Jonsson, Riccardo Bommarco

Green rights-of-way infrastructure for biodiversity and ecosystem services

Butterflies are favored by power-line corridors

Contact: Erik Öckinger

Biodiversity, ecosystem services and organic farming

Contact: Janne Bengtsson

MultiFunk – the relationship between diversity and multifunctionality in boreal forests

Contact: Janne Bengtsson

Springtail diversity and ecoystem processes South Africa

Contact: Janne Bengtsson

Effects of conservation efforts in forests at various spatial scales on biodiversity and ecosystem services

Contact: Thomas Ranius

Optimized pollination of field beans for sustainable supply of plant protein

Kontakt: Ola Lundin

Methods to support the soil ecosystem services in agricultural systems: interactions between earthworms, nematodes and mycorrhizal fungi

Contact: Jan Bengtsson  

Mapping food webs for efficient natural control of insects

Contact: Riccardo Bommarco

Future crop production relies on new management strategies for soils

Contact: Thomas Kätterer

Biochar in Kenya - quality, soil fertility and crop production

Contact: Thomas Kätterer

The effect of cropping systems on soil organic matter storage and carbon sequestration

Contact: Thomas Kätterer

Hur inverkar olika brukningsmetoder på organiskt kol i åkermark?

Information om projektet organiskt kol i åkermark 

Contact: Thomas Kätterer

Future carbon balance of forest ecosystems

Contact: Riitta Hyvönen

The impact of forest fire on the carbon and energy balance of Swedish forests

Contact: Achim Grelle

Impact of young trees and field layer vegetation on carbon balances of forests           

Contact: Riitta Hyvönen

Effects of whole-tree thinnings and nutrient compensation with N and wood ash on carbon balances and sooil status

Contact: Bengt Olsson

Impact of root decomposition on forest carbon balance

Contact: Michael Freeman

Carbon balance recovery after stump harvest - does increased growth yield substitution efficiency?

Contact: Achim Grelle

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