Plant protection in agriculture and forestry

Last changed: 18 May 2018

Our research contributes to sustainable methods of protecting agricultural crops and forests against pests. More knowledge is needed about the interaction between insect pests, their enemies and the plants and trees that they attack. We also conduct research on how crops can be protected against larger animals like cranes, geese and wild boars.


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Research groups

We have two units that focus on plant protection: Agricultural entomology and Forest entomology.

Examples of projects

The large pine weevil, Hylobius abietis  

Contact: Göran Nordlander, Adriana Puentes

Spruce bark beetle, Ips typographus

Contact: Martin Schroeder, Åke Lindelöw

Dispersal ability of a forest pest insect and its specialist parasitoids               

Contact: Maartje Klapwijk

Primed for defence by volatiles from neighbouring plants     

Contact: Adriana Puentes

Mitigating conflicts between conservation and farming: Predicting hotspots of crop damage caused by large grazing birds at national and local level

Contact Johan Månsson

Deer grazing on crop - an underreported phenomenon?

Contact: Petter Kjellander

Mapping food webs for efficient natural control of insects


Can redundant predator communities contribute to stable biological control in the future?


Appeal - Assessment and valuation of Pest suppression Potential through biological control in European Agricultural Landscapes

Appeal -  more information about the project 




Åke Lindelöw Field Entomologist
Department of Ecology, SLU
018-672337, 070-6433317

Christer Björkman, professor in forest entomology
Department of Ecology, SLU  +46 (0)18-671532, 0705-581532

Riccardo Bommarco, Professor
Department of Ecology, SLU, +46 18 67 24 23