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Last changed: 27 December 2019

These are our most shared open access articles from 2019, according to Altmetric Explorer.

1. A global synthesis reveals biodiversity-mediated benefits for crop production, Matteo Dainese et al, Science Advances

2 Unravelling the Scientific Debate on How to Address Wolf-Dog Hybridization in Europe, Valerio Donfrancesco et al Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

3. A rights revolution for nature, Guillaume Chapron, Yaffa Epstein, José Vicente López-Bao, Science

4. Approaching Ecological Sustainability in the Emerging Insects-as-Food Industry, Åsa Berggren, Anna Jansson, Matthew Low Trends in Ecology and Evolution

Read more in the press release: Let's prepare now so farming insects as food is environmentally friendly, say scientists

Titta på videon: Eating insects - not sustainable by default

5 Two Basidiomycete Fungi in the Cortex of Wolf Lichens, Vera Tuovinen et al, Current Biology

6 Meta-analysis reveals that pollinator functional diversity and abundance enhance crop pollination and yield, B-A Woodcock, Nature Communications

7 Ecological Intensification: Bridging the Gap between Science and Practice, David Kleijn et al, Trends in Ecology and Evolution

8. Right on track? Performance of satellite telemetry in terrestrial wildlife research, Hoffman et al, Plos One

9 Grasslands-more important for ecosystem services than you might think, J Bengtsson et al, Ecosphere
Read more in the press release: Ten reasons for preserving grasslands

10 Apex Predators Decouple Population Dynamics Between Mesopredators and Their Prey, Ben Feit et al, Ecosystems

Altmetric score for scientific articles With the help of altmetrics you can get an indication of how much attention a  scientific article has received in social media, on news services, discussion forums for researchers, Wikipedia, in government inquiries and decisions.  The article that is at the top of our list has also received the most attention out of all SLU articles from 2018.

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