Trophic interactions network

Last changed: 13 July 2018

Within the larger research environment in the Ecology Centre, research on trophic interactions forms a specific area of expertise, interest and competence.

This theme cuts across a large number of researchers and research groups. Together, we span the full range from strong theory on trophic interactions and food webs to their many applications.

From insects to large predators

In terms of study organisms, we range from plants, and small critters such as fungi, soil organisms and insects to the somewhat larger birds and mammal herbivores and predators in forests and agricultural landscapes. Thus, we are not hooked on any particular organism, but benefit from a wide span of model systems.

Research interest

Among the phenomena that interest us, we note the following (intended as a non-exhaustive list):

  • Cascading effects in food webs and the role of trophic interactions for the dynamics and regulation of populations
  • How trophic structure, species characteristics and genetics interact in affecting food web functioning and growth of interacting populations
  • Impacts of land use and global change (e.g. climate) on outcomes of trophic interactions
  • How trophic interactions translated into plant protection, conservation and wildlife management

Joint platform

As a department, the identification of this theme gives us a joint platform to stand on. With us, you will be joining a research environment where research on trophic interactions is well developed, and where you will find much support for your related research.

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