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Last changed: 18 March 2022

Social Science Perspectives on Sustainable Development

Social Science Perspectives on Sustainable Development (SSPSD) is a research school offering PhD students working with social science perspectives at SLU a multidisciplinary arena. The research school is run by the Department of Economics and aimed towards all social science PhD students at SLU working with topics related to the sustainable use, management, and development of biological natural resources. All PhD students are more than welcome to join in on our activities.

The research school aims to support students in their PhD education and encourage multidisciplinary understanding, collaboration and exchange. This research school does not provide packages of subject-specific courses but rather intends to provide a general context for social science research education at SLU.

The activities of the research school are composed of thematic courses, skills development workshops, and interdisciplinary exchange. Many of these will be offered to help PhD students develop an understanding of how their subject-specific competencies can contribute to sustainable development, but many are also aimed to contribute to professional development and include collaboration with public and private organizations who are stakeholders and prospective employers.

The research school’s principal objectives are thus to support PhD-students working in the subjects of social science by:

  • Develop participants’ understanding of how their specialized skills and knowledge can contribute to and be enriched by a broader understanding of sustainable development
  • Bring participants into a multidisciplinary arena, to train competencies in and build networks for inter- multi- and transdisciplinary collaboration
  • Strengthen the SLU-identity of PhD students, both their competence and contribution as social science researcher in sustainable development.



The steering committee of the research school Social Science Perspectives on Sustainable Development consists of senior scientists and a PhD student. The research school is led by Nina Lind Ranneberg, director of studies.

Director of studies

Nina Lind Ranneberg

Chair of the steering committee

Richard Ferguson

Members of the steering committee 

Professor Helena Hansson
Professor Johan Gaddefors
Associate Professor Richard Ferguson
Associate Professor Pia Nilsson
PhD student Hina Hashim


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Director of Studies SSPSD

Nina Lind Ranneberg

Department of Economics, SLU
E-post: nina.lind@slu.se