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Employed at the Department of Economics:

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Strategies for Equal opportunities:

Equal opportunities - faculty (pdf)

Equal opportunities  - department of Economics (pdf)

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Environmental work

Overall environmental goals SLU

Objectives within Ulls house certificate

Environmental objectives

1.      Carbon dioxide emissions from domestic travel to be reduced by 20% and the number of travel-free meetings (videoconferencing) to increase by 15%

2.      Energy savings for properties owned by SLU of at least 1% per m2 and year

3.      Newly purchased cars to be green vehicles powered by electricity or biogas cars owned by departments exchanged for green cars.

4.      Food- Offer 100% eco-coffee, 50% echo tea, 50% echo fruit. At the conference 20% vegetarian and 100% MSC, ASC- Or KRAV- marked fish

Environmental policy

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Liasion group meeting

Meeting notes

October 4, 2018


Task Force Groups

Summary of presentations given at the Department conference at Skåvsjöholm

Summary of presentions given at the summer lunch.

Task force topic - Innovative and Vibrant Research 

Participants: Anna Lindblom Eriksson; Assem Abouhatab; Efthymia Kyriakopoulou; Gordana Manevska-Tasevska; Jen Rommel; Katarina Labajova.

Task force topic - Alumni

Participants: George Marbuah, Franklin Amuakwa Mensah, Mikaela Lönn, Emma Arias Olsson, Abenezer Zeleke Aklilu

Task force topic - How to manage the ‘support of vibrant research culture’ –organizational perspectives 

Participants: Per-Anders Langendahl, Richard Ferguson

Task force topic - Academic Identity

Participants: Annie Roos, Hanna Astner, Sören Höjgård, Jerker Nilsson

Task force topic - “Ideas and suggestions for how to strengthen the/a PhD focus” 

Participants: Helena Hansson, Chrysoula Morfi, Wondmagegn Tafesse Tirkaso, Tobias Häggmark Svensson, Katalin Simon, Nina Lind, Katarina Labajova, Sandra Nordmark

Task force topic - “Ideas and suggestions for the pursuit to secure larger and more stable funding”

Participants: Anna Lindblom Eriksson, and Assem Abu Hatab

Organization chart for the Department of economics 2019


Department Administration
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