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Administrative Support Group

Whom do you contact in the Administrative Support Group?

David (Financial administrator)

  • Invoices
  • Purchases  
  • Booking - travel for visitors
  • Crosscheck travel and health expenses
  • Archiving

Anna (Economist)

  • External funding and project/budget related matters
  • Contract and/or agreements/subcontracting
  • Internal funding/decisions
  • Any financial issues

Märta & Gajane (Education administrators)

  • Support to teachers and students in educational matters
  • Report results/grades
  • Exam management
  • Course registration/discontinuation
  • Information in Ladok and Slunik

Tina (Education coordinator)

  • Course staffing and budget
  • Student related issues: harassment, plagiarism, conflicts
  • Support to staff on educational policies

Gajane (Department administrator)

  • Department web publisher
  • Keys, computer and office room for new colleagues/guests
  • HR administration
  • Registration in Primula, Reachmee and Idis

Department web page

How to make your own CV page

Instruction on how to publish your CV page on the new web

Form for project

Click above, and fill in the form, if you have a project you want to show on the web page 

Form for news

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Employed at the Department of Economics:

Department values, vision and goals (pptx)

Workplace introduction (docx)

For new employees at SLU

Staff appraisal (docx)


Strategies for Equal opportunities:

Equal opportunities - faculty (pdf)

Equal opportunities  - department of Economics (pdf)

Delegation of authority (pdf, in Swedish)

Environmental work

SLU mission statement

Our mission statement was adopted by the SLU Board on 5 November 2020:

'SLU conducts education, research and environmental monitoring and assessment in collaboration with society at large. Through our focus on the interaction between humans, animals and ecosystems and the responsible use of natural resources, we contribute to sustainable societal development and good living conditions on our planet.'


Overall environmental goals SLU

Environmental policy


Salary form (xlsx)

Nordea form to register bank account outside of Sweden (pdf)

To register a Swedish bank account use the website on Nordea

Form for ordering

Travel bookings

Information and Meeting notes


Information from the management group 


  • Minutes from last meeting
  • Information:
  • Short information from each group, (several new positions as PhD-student and Post-doc is open or about to open – please circulate within your networks as appropriate; a workshop within the AgriFoodBoost twinning-project will be organized at our Department during next week (March 7-9) – we expect 5-6 participants from University of Zagreb (organizers are Jens, Julian; Anna and Jacob).
  • Corona update – (Our teaching on campus is back to ‘normal’ as from period 4 (end of March))
  • From the dean/vice-chancellor (A new initiative in form of an SLU Puffendorf Centre will likely be launched during the spring – there will then be a call for interest to work with transdisciplinary research of relevance to the SLU and for allocating time to prepare for such work)
  • Staff and Finances:
  • Finances (Lena presented her plan for follow-ups with focus on longer-term planning within groups (3-year horizon) as well as for the use of balanced capital (we are only allowed to have balance of +5% of the annual turnover at the end of this year)
  • Staffing issues (Julija)


  • PhD-program and PhD Research School: the Department has received a budget for a research school during 2022, and we will then plan for a joint school with the SoL-Department. We are very happy that Nina will continue as the coordinator for our school during this year.
  • Under-graduate teaching: We discussed roles and responsibilities for Dick as Deputy Head of Department – teaching as well as the role and responsibilities for the Director of Under-Graduate Studies (ISR); Dich and I are in dialogue with the Faculty Office concerning some key teaching positions.
  • Other issues: Please note the date, and plan for your attendance, for our next Department Meeting (Sept 5-6)

Liasion Group

The Department of Economics has a newly started liaison group (2023) with the following members:

  • Ruben Hoffmann (chair) 
  • Sarah Säll 
  • Nina Lind Ranneberg 
  • Shon Ferguson 
  • Johan Blomquist 
  • Hina Hashim 
  • Gajane Shabandari 
  • Richard Ferguson  

Our assignment is to follow up the work environment at the Department. The group will meet twice every semester to raise and discuss our co-workers’ thoughts on the physical, organizational and psychosocial work environment at the Department as a whole. The members represent different groups within the department, with the intention of getting the best understanding we can. 

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions! 


Meeting notes October 4, 2018

Organization chart

Super-fika seminar

Every second week we have a fika for the whole department, which you are welcome to join. For the fika, people sign up in groups of two or three, on the list by the coffee machine on the fourth floor. Contributing to the fika is voluntary, but the more the merrier. Fika can be both homemade and bought.

Every time, a person from one of the groups have a short (10 minutes) presentation, according to the schedule below. The presentation can be about a new project, some new teaching method, research results, administrative routines, or something else. Each group has a superfika responsible who will administer the contributions for the group: Gajane Shabandari, Wei Huang, Jonathan Stråle, Jens Rommel, Hina Hashim, and Ida Nordin.

We meet at 14.30 in the lunch room at the third floor.






18 Jan 2023

Superfika group


1 Feb 2023

Environmental economics


15 Feb 2023

Administration group


1 Mar 2023

Applied analysis group


15 Mar 2023

Agricultural and Food Economics


29 Mar 2023

Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainability


12 Apr 2023

Decision making and managerial behaviour


26 Apr 2023

Environmental economics


10 May 2023

Administration group


24 May 2023

Applied analysis group


7 Jun 2023

Agricultural and Food Economics


Teachers Platform

Teachers Platform

Working environment


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