Sustainable consumption: From niche to mainstream

Last changed: 09 March 2020

A research programme that aims to stimulate a transition to sustainable consumption by generating in-depth knowledge on how niche sustainable consumption practices can become mainstream in the areas of food, vacation and furnishing.

The programme will examine niche sustainable consumption practices and develop roadmaps for how they can be scaled up and mainstreamed by policy makers, business, civil society organizations and citizen consumers. The vision is that by 2030 sustainable consumption practises have become mainstream in Sweden, to a significant extent catalysed by our programme through knowledge generation and practical change. This transition has by 2030 contributed to a better quality of life, and equity, within and across borders, and have made Sweden – its companies, governmental bodies, and civil society – an internationally recognized example showing that sustainable prosperity is possible. Rob is the sole macroeconomist in the project team, and his role is to provide macroeconomic perspective and analysis to the program. Relevant issues include the macroeconomic causes and effects of changes in consumption patterns and concomitant changes in working patterns


Project leader
Rob Hart
Project period
2018 - 2021
Project co-workers
Rob Hart is the sole representative from SLU in a very large project run by researchers at KTH.
Project funder
Total funds
50 million SEK

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