Independent/degree project

Last changed: 20 March 2023

Work process for students writing independent/degree projects at the Department of Energy and Technology

  • Please read the guide from the Faculty carefully.
  • Complete the registration form and work plan in consultation with your supervisor and hand in to the Director of Studies for signing.
  • Carry out all studies (fieldwork, labs and literature) according to your work plan.
  • Present your report at a seminar and be opponent on another students work.
  • The report must be checked for plagiarism with Urkund – email the report to your supervisors’ specific email address for urkund.
  • When the report is finished and approved it will be published online in Epsilon by the administrator at the department.

If you are writing your project with Energy & Technology you have access to a desk in shared room with other students. Contact the department administrator if you need to use it.

Published projects at the Department of Energy and Technology