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Logistics and Transport

Logistics and transport systems are crucial for the development of effective and sustainable supply chains, for food as well as biomass and bioenergy. Improving the efficiency in logistics systems will help us reduce costs, environmental impact and fossil fuel dependency. Our vision is to contribute to the development of effective logistics systems by analysing and integrating innovative logistics concepts and smart technologies in food and bioenergy supply chains. 

Logistics and Transport

Logistics is a central theme for several research areas. The research in
logistics and transport aims to develop and improve cooperation in the
agri-food chain and in distribution systems, in Swedish and
international context, for the purpose of improved economy, product
quality, animal welfare and environment.

Research is performed in the following subject areas:

  • Agricultural & Food Supply Chain Logistics
  • Animal transport & Welfare
  • City Logistics
  • Rural Logistics for Developing Countries
  • Draught Animals & Welfare
Published: 28 September 2022 - Page editor: maria.bywall@slu.se