Terminal workshop 2-4 november 2016

Last changed: 05 December 2017

Forest biomass terminals play an important role in the feedstock procurement chain of a biorefinery/biofuel production facility mainly when it is not possible to procure feedstock directly to the facility or if there is not enough desired feedstock surrounding the facility location. Refinement of biomass at terminal adds value and allows for precision delivery of a tailored product. This terminal workshop dealed with many aspects of the terminal functions.

The Terminal Workshop program can be found here.

Open or download the presentations at the Terminal Workshop. Visit this page often as new material will be added as it becomes availabe (video recordings, workshop synthesis report and photograps). For any inquiries please contact Dimitris Athanassiadis.


Welcome and opening. Why a workshop on terminals?
Dimitris Athanassiadis, SLU and Pirjo Venäläinen, Metsäteho Oy

Short about the Faculty of Forest Sciences in Umeå
Göran Ståhl, Dean, Faculty of Forest Sciences, SLU

Introduction to terminal projects in Finland ‐ Research questions and industry needs: Terminal Operations in Energy Efficient Timber Logistics and Sustainable Bioenergy Solutions for Tomorrow (BEST) Pirjo Venäläinen, Metsäteho Oy & Olli‐Jussi Korpinen, Lappeenranta University of Technology

Forest biomass terminal ‐ Properties and activities in Sweden
Kalvis Kons, SLU: BioHub

Dynamic simulation modelling of terminals and terminal
networks Mika Aalto, Lappeenranta University of Technology

Towards a new model for locating terminals optimally in reference to the resource base and infrastructure
Dimitris Athanassiadis, SLU, Bio4Energy, BioHub

Integrated roundwood and biomass terminals
Heikki Ovaskainen, Metsäteho Oy

Multifunctional terminals – Hub in the bioeconomy (video)
Dan Bergström, SLU: BioHub

Terminal network ‐ Cross border learning and exchange of best practices  (video)
Magnus Matisons, Biofuel Region: BioHub

Terminal equipment – Diesel and electric solutions
Pirjo Venäläinen, Metsäteho Oy


Study visit at Gimonäs railway roundwood terminal (SWEREF99 TM; 7083885, 761829)

Study visit at Umeå Energy CHP plant, Dåva 2 (SWEREF99 TM; 7093603, 765264)
Lars Wikman, Chief Technology Officer Umeå Energy - Energy solutions

Virtual study visit: Presentation of the Bastuträsk terminal. Partner in BioHub
Per Rud-Petersen, Terminal manager at Bastuträsk terminal

Presentation of the Storuman terminal


Modelling bioenergy supply chain in real geographic regions: the BeWhere model 
Piera Patrizio, IIASA

GPS timber and GATA (video)
Anders Haraldsson, Sokigo

Improving the cost‐efficiency of terminal supply. (video)
Matti Virkkunen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland LTD

Storing and handling wood fuel at terminals (video)
Johanna Enström, Skogforsk

Terminal concepts and modelling of terminal‐based supply chains in BEST research program (video)
Olli‐Jussi Korpinen, Lappeenranta University of Technology

The BioRaff Botnia project (video) Jonas Joelsson, SP Processum

Interesting calls for applying for financing. Key cooperation partners? 
Karl Jäghagen, Grants Office SLU

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