Last changed: 07 December 2022

Highlighted Publications

Here you can read more about our work in the following publications

  1. Baudet, M., & Östlund, L. (2022). Collecting Cores to Age Hollow Trees: A Research Note on Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris). Tree-Ring Research78(2), 150-155.
  2. Laudon, H., Lidberg, W., Sponseller, R., Hasselquist, E. M., Westphal, F., Östlund, L., ... & Ågren, A. (2022). Emerging technology can guide ecosystem restoration for future water security. Authorea Preprints.
  3. Cogos, C., Östlund, L. and Roturier, S. (2021) "Negotiating (with) Fire: Contemporary Fire Domestication in Swedish Sápmi," Journal of Ethnobiology 41(4), 499-516,
  4. Östlund, L., Laestander, S., Aurell, G., & Hörnberg, G. (2022). The war on deciduous forest: Large-scale herbicide treatment in the Swedish boreal forest 1948 to 1984. Ambio, 51(5), 1352-1366.
  5. Östlund, L., & Norstedt, G. (2022). Preservation of the cultural legacy of the indigenous Sami in northern forest reserves – Present shortcomings and future possibilities. Forest Ecology and Management, 502, 119726.
  6. Cogos, S., Östlund, L., & Roturier, S. (2021). Fire Management in The Boreal Forest of Swedish Sápmi: Prescribed Burning and Consideration of Sami Reindeer Herding During 1920 –1970. Environmental Management, 68(3), 295-309.
  7. Lundmark, H., Östlund, L. & Josefsson, T. (2021) Continuity forest or second-generation forest? Historic aerial photos provide evidence of early clear-cutting in northern Sweden. Silva Fennica 55:1.
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  10. Baudet, M., T. Josefsson, and L. Östlund, 2020. New insights into estimating the age of old Scots pine from increment cores with stem rot. Dendrochronologia 64:125782.
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