Last changed: 02 June 2023

13C and 15N

We analyse a variety of samples (soils, plant material, animal tissues, filters) by Elemental Analyzer - Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (EA-IRMS). The instrument setup consists of an elemental analyzer (Flash EA 2000) connected to a continuous flow isotope ratio mass spectrometer (DeltaV), both from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bremen, Germany. Each sequence of samples is analysed together with several replicates of two different inhouse standards, which have previously been standardized against Standard reference materials (reference material). For ωN these materials were atropine, cellulose, and NIST 1515 apple leaves. For d15N they were IAEA-600, IAEA-N-2, USGS40, and USGS41. For ωC the reference materials were cyclohexanone, nicotinamide, and sucrose. For d13C the reference materials IAEA-600, IAEA-CH-6, and USGS40 were used. In each sequence, at least one pine needle sample is used for quality control. Data is corrected for drift and size before given the final results.

The accepted standard deviation of inhouse laboratory standards is <0.15‰ for both δ 13C and δ 15N

18O and 2H

Under progress


Mats Öquist,

Associate Professor and Laboratory Director
Department of Forest Ecology and Management, SLU, +4690-786 8525, +46(0)70-554 0361

Jenny Ekman,

Project coordinator
Department of Forest Ecology and Management, SLU, +46(0)72-538 4633