Forestry Master Program

Last changed: 02 January 2017

The Department is part of the five-year Forestry Master program, both as course organizers, as part of other department's courses. 


In the following classes, the Department are responsible for the full class, or part of the class:

Economics of the Forest (Skogens ekonomi),  bacheolor level, 15 hp

Forest Policy and Ecology (Skogspolitik och naturvård), bachelor level, 15 hp

Economic decision support in enterprises (Ekonomiska beslutsstöd i företag), bachelor level, 4 hp

Supervision and examination of bachelor thesis, (Handledning och examination av kandidatuppsats), 15 hp

Marketing (Marknadsföring), bachelor level, 7,5 hp

Organisation (Organisation), bachelor level, 7,5 hp

Accounting (Externredovisning), bachelor level, 7,5 hp

Economic analysis of forest decisions, (Ekonomiska analys av skogliga beslut), bachelor level, 7,5 hp

Market-oriented wood supply, (Marknadsinriktad virkesförsörjning), bachelor level, 7,5 hp

Forest policy - Swedish and international perspective, (Skogspolitik - svenskt och internationellt perspektiv), master level, 7,5 hp

Supervision and examination of master thesis, (Handledning och examination av masteruppsats), master level, 30 hp


For more information, please contact

Peichen Gong, responsible for undergraduate education at the Department of Forest Econoimcs