Biological Control of Plant Diseases

Last changed: 12 April 2019

It is very intriguing that biological control with beneficial microorganisms (BCAs) can be used to fight serious plant diseases. Biological control will play an important role in the future as many pesticides are being faced out and organic and IPM production is encouraged in Europe aiming at improving sustainable plant production. Biocontrol also play an important role in forestry.

We have identified a range of plant diseases for which it is likely to develop effective BCAs. A few very effective strains have been selected – both bacterial and fungal BCAs – which now are undergoing detailed studies.

Our present activities embrace applied research dealing with production, formulation and application as well as efficacy testing under field conditions and, basic research focusing on biocontrol mechanisms studying molecular interactions between the BCAs and their prey.

We are also working together with partners in the forest- and agro-industry to bring these BCAs further for commercial exploitation.


Professor Dan Funck Jensen

Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology, 018-672798

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