Project OSCAR - Optimising subsidiary crop applications in rotations

Last changed: 14 April 2021
A maize field, photo.

The overall aim of this project is to optimise subsidiary crop application in rotations by extending existing knowledge and improving and developing novel cropping systems based on cover crops, catch crops, living mulches and other subsidiary crops.

This will enhance implementation and increase the duration of soil coverage by plants, introduce diversity to the crop rotation and reduce the need for and the intensity of soil tillage. Optimization will counteract the sometimes reduced yields associated with minimum or non-tillage systems while providing durable ecological benefits. Particular attention is given to conservation tillage systems. Our own part focuses on phytopathological aspects of these cropping systems – the benefits as well as risks that are included with different subsidiary crops in the system.

Involved researchers

Hanna Friberg, Paula Persson (VPE), Dan Funck Jensen, Göran Bergkvist (VPE).

Financing: EU

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