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SLU Metabarcoding Laboratory - UMBLA

At the moment we are not able to process new samples.

Our services

We provide theoretical and experimental expertise as well as laboratory facilities for molecular species identification and organismal community analysis.

UMBLA has four modules

  1. DNA extraction
  2. Barcode amplification and sequence pool preparation
  3. Bioinformatics analysis
  4. Sample and data storage

You can chose to use one or several modules according to your needs.

Order submission

Here is information about how to prepare and deliver your samples to us.

Our services

Information on all the services that we provide to SLU researchers.

Published: 05 February 2024 - Page editor: cajsa.lithell@slu.se


Åke Olson
ake.olson@slu.se, 018 - 671876


SLU Metabarcoding Laboratory, UMBLA
Almas allé 5, Box 7026, 750 07 Uppsala