Order submission

Last changed: 05 February 2024

Here you can find information on how to use our services.

Please start with reading the following documents:

The service procedure

  1. Order submission
    To use our services you need to start with filling in the order submission form and send it to umbla@slu.se.
  2. Sign contract
    We will respond by providing you with a contract suggestion including price for the service.
  3. Sample submission
    After signing the contract you can send in your samples together with a sample submission form provided by us.
  4. Quality control and feedback
    We will provide feedback on DNA quality and PCR success rate on a subset of samples.
  5. DNA extracts and/or sequence pool delivery
    DNA extracts will be returned together with sequence pools and sample preparation documentation. 


katarina.ihrmark@slu.se, 018-672735