Planning and analysis with Heureka - a forest decision support system

Last changed: 22 June 2022

Students will learn the theoretical foundations of forest planning and how an advanced forest decision support system can be used in forest management planning and other analyses related to the future development of the forest ecosystem.

The course is a distance learning course -given in Swedish- equating to ten weeks of full-time study. The course uses an independent study package accessible via a virtual learning environment (VLE). The independent study package is divided into 6 modules:

  • Module 1: a general introduction to forest planning and the Heureka system.
  • Module 2: StandWise and its interactive simulator.
  • Module 3: RegWise and its user-defined regulatory system for silviculture and harvesting measures.
  • Module 4: PlanWise and its optimisation tool for finding the most suitable action.
  • Module 5: PlanEval and its methods for balancing various objectives in cases involving one or more decision makers and stakeholders.
  • Module 6: involves a synthesis block in which students will answer a planning problem using one of Heureka’s applications.

Students on this distance learning course should be familiar with basic forestry concepts.

Students will also need access to a computer, headset, webcam and an internet connection to be able to access the high-resolution streamed teaching materials. The course will be cancelled if there are not enough applicants.