Developing Kvarken’s non-wood forest product sector - examples from Finland and Sweden

Last changed: 05 May 2021

Non-wood forest products offer various underused income and business possibilities both to the forest owners and different types of companies. Come to listen experts on wild berries, sap and chaga mushroom and learn how you can draw more benefits from your forests than just wood or how to build a raw material supply network for your company!


Introduction to the seminar and project  
  Introduction to the world of non-wood forest products: Leena Favén, RDI Coordinator at Centria University of Applied Sciences, Finland
  Harvesting of wild Chaga mushroom, cultivation and co-operation with forest owners: Alm Nyman, Kääpä Forest, Finland
  Producing sap in Finland
Examples of berry co-operation: Martin Paju, coordinator, Berättelser (s)om bär
Thematic discussion groups/ Q & A -section  
Summary of the seminar and the group discussions  

After the general section, we move on to smaller interest groups: sap, mushrooms and berries. There will be experts in each group and questions can be asked in English, Swedish and Finnish.