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Autophagy (from Greek, ‘eat oneself’) is a major catabolic process in eukaryotic cells wherein a portion of the cytoplasm is engulfed by a specific membrane, delivered to lysosomes (in animals) or vacuoles (in fungi or plants), and finally digested by hydrolytic enzymes.

During periods of stress or starvation, autophagy promotes cell and organismal survival by eliminating damaged proteins or organelles and by converting breakdown products to energy and synthetic processes. Consequently, autophagy is intimately connected with cellular homeostasis and is therefore a target of current efforts to suppress aging. When autophagy progresses beyond a certain threshold and eliminates large proportion of the cytosol and organelles, the cells finally die, and autophagy in such cases acts as an executioner of cell death.

We study mechanisms responsible for the dual (cytoprotective and cytotoxic) function of autophagy and also develop tools to manipulate autophagy in plants.

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