The Kessler and Seisenbaeva lab

Last changed: 04 January 2020

Our group is working on development of new inorganic and hybrid organic-inorganic materials for environmental and biomedical application.

We are interested in the whole chain in developing new nanomaterials from metal-organic precursor chemistry, via mechanisms of their transformation into nanoparticles and all the way to real applications as adsorbents for water cleaning and remediation, (bio)catalysts, materials for biocontrol applications in agriculture, drug delivery systems, and even materials for new energy sources. Read about our research here.

The group is run by 2 senior scientists, Professor Vadim Kessler and Associate Professor Gulaim Seisenbaeva, possessing matching competences in the domains of coordination chemistry, solution reaction mechanisms, and synthesis and characterization of inorganic materials.

The group is fluctuating in number between 8 and 10 people, with 2-3 PhD students and 2-3 postdocs/visiting scientists, together with a number of interns and Diploma students.

Present group members are (in addition to 2 seniors):

  • Martin Palmqvist, PhD student
  • Elizabeth Polido Legaria, PhD student
  • Hiroaki Uchiyama, visiting scientist, Kansai University, Osaka, Japan
  • Oksana Dudarko, visiting scientist, Institute of Surface Chemistry UAS, Ukraine
  • Michail Samouchos, postdoc
  • Olga Galkina, PhD student






Recent alumni members

  • Karin Önneby, postdoc
  • Leonie Chretien, intern from the University of Le Mains, France
  • Seda Demirel Topel, postdoc
  • Inna Melnyk, visiting scientist, Institute of Surface Chemistry UAS, Ukraine
  • Roman Pogorilyi, joint PhD student with the Institute of Surface Chemistry UAS, Ukraine
  • Kai Wilkinson, PhD student
  • Olesya Nikonova, PhD student
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