Publications from Eugene Savenkovs group

Last changed: 14 December 2021

Twenty selected peer-reviewed publication (out of 31)

  1. Wright K.M., Cowan G. H., Lukhovitskaya N.I.,Tilsner J., Roberts A. G., Savenkov E.I. and Torrance L. (2010) The N-terminal domain of PMTV TGB1 movement protein is required for nucleolar localization, microtubule association and long-distance movement. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, in press, will be published the Focus issue on Cell Biology of Plant-Virus interactions.
  2. Tilsner J., Cowan G.H., Roberts A.G., Chapman S., Ziegler A., Savenkov E.I. and Torrance L. (2010) Plasmodesmal targeting and intercellular movement of potato mop-top virus is mediated by a membrane anchored tyrosine-based motif on the lumenal side of the endoplasmic reticulum and the C-terminal transmembrane domain in the TGB3 movement protein. Virology, 402: 41-51. + front cover art
  3. Torrance L., Lukhovitskaya N.I., Schepetilnikov M.V., Cowan G.H., Ziegler A. and Savenkov E.I. (2009) Unusual long-distance movement strategies of Potato mop-top virus RNAs in Nicotiana benthamiana. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 22: 381-390.
  4. Sundström J.F., Vaculova A., Smertenko A.P., Savenkov E.I., Golovko A., Minina E., Tiwari B.S., Rodriguez-Nieto S., Zamyatnin A.Z.Jr, Välineva T., Saarikettu J., Frilander M.J., Suarez M.F., Zavialov A., Ståhl U., Hussey P.J., Silvennoinen O., Sundberg E., Zhivotovsky B. and Bozhkov P.V. (2009) Tudor staphylococcal nuclease is an evolutionarily conserved component of the programmed cell death degradome. Nature Cell Biology, 11: 1347-1354
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  5. Lukhovitskaya N. I., Ignatovich I. V., Savenkov E. I., Schiemann J., Morozov S. Yu. and Solovyev A. G. (2009) Role of the zinc-finger and basic motifs of Chrysanthemum virus B p12 protein in nucleic acid binding, protein localization and induction of hypersensitive response upon expression from a viral vector. Journal of General Virology, 90: 723 – 733
  6. Chapman S., Faulkner C., Kaiserli E., Garcia-Mata C., Savenkov E.I., Roberts AG, Oparka K.J., Christie J.M. (2008) The photoreversible fluorescent protein iLOV outperforms GFP as a reporter of plant virus infection. PNAS, 105: 20038-20043. evaluated by Faculty of 1000 Biology:
  7. Zamyatnin A.A. Jr., Solovyev A.G., Bozhkov P.V., Valkonen J. P.T., Morozov S.Yu. and Savenkov E.I. (2006) Assessment of integral membrane protein topology in living cells. Plant Journal, 46: 145-154.
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  8. Kreuze J.F., Savenkov E.I., Cuellar W., Li X. and Valkonen J.P.T. (2005) Viral class 1 RNase III involved in suppression of RNA silencing. Journal of Virology, 79: 7227-7238.
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  9. Lukhovitskaya N.I., Yelina N.E., Zamyatnin A.A. Jr., Schepetilnikov M.V., Solovyev A.G., Sandgren M., Morozov S.Yu., Valkonen J. P.T. and Savenkov E.I. (2005) Expression, localization and effects on virulence of the cysteine-rich 8-kDa protein of Potato mop-top virus. Journal of General Virology, 86: 2879-2889.
  10. Zamyatnin A.A. Jr., Solovyev A.G., Savenkov E.I., Germundsson A., Sandgren M., Valkonen J. P.T. and Morozov S.Yu. (2004) Transient co-expression of individual genes encoded by the triple gene block of Potato mop-top virus reveals requirements for TGBp1 trafficking. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 17: 921-930.
  11. Suarez M.F., Filonova L.H., Smertenko A., Savenkov E.I., Clapham D.H., von Arnold S., Zhivotovsky B. and Bozhkov P.V. (2004) Metacaspase-dependent programmed cell death is essential for plant embryogenesis. Current Biology, 14, No9: R339-R340.
  12. Savenkov E.I., Germundsson A., Zamyatnin A.A. Jr., Sandgren M. and Valkonen J.P.T. (2003) Potato mop-top virus: the coat protein-encoding RNA and the gene for cysteine-rich protein are dispensable for systemic virus movement in Nicotiana benthamiana. Journal of General Virology 84:1001-1005.
  13. Yelina N.E., Savenkov E.I., Solovyev A.G., Morozov S.Y. & Valkonen J.P.T. (2002) Long-distance movement, virulence, and RNA silencing suppression controlled by a single protein in Hordei- and Potyviruses: complementary functions between virus families. Journal of Virology, 76, 12981-12991.
  14. Kreuze J.F., Savenkov E.I. and Valkonen J.P.T. (2002) Complete genome sequence and analyses of the subgenomic RNAs of Sweet Potato Chlorotic Stunt Virus reveal several new features for the genus Crinivirus. Journal of Virology, 76, 9260-9270.
  15. Savenkov E.I. and Valkonen J.P.T. (2002) Silencing of a viral RNA silencing suppressor in transgenic plants. Journal of General Virology, 83, 2325-2335.
  16. Germundsson A., Sandgren M., Barker H., Savenkov E.I. and Valkonen J.P.T. (2002) Initial infection of roots and leaves reveals different resistance phenotypes associated with coat protein gene–mediated resistance to Potato mop-top virus. Journal of General Virology, 83, 1201-1209.
  17. Savenkov E.I. and Valkonen J.P.T. (2001) CP-Gene Mediated Resistance to Potato Virus A in Transgenic Plants is Suppressed Following Infection with Another Potyvirus. Journal of General Virology, 82, 2275-2278.
  18. Savenkov E.I. and Valkonen J.P.T. (2001) Potyviral Helper-component proteinase expressed in transgenic plants enhances titers of Potato Leaf Roll Virus but does not alleviate its phloem limitation. Virology, 283, 285-293.
  19. Savenkov E.I., Sandgren M., Valkonen J.P.T. (1999) Complete sequence of RNA 1 and the presence of tRNA-like structures in all RNAs of Potato mop-top virus, genus Pomovirus. Journal of General Virology, 80: 2779-2784.
  20. Solovyev A.G., Savenkov E.I., Agranovsky A.A. and Morozov S.Yu (1996) Comparisons of the genomic cis-elements and coding regions in RNA components of the hordeiviruses barley stripe mosaic virus, lychnis ringspot virus and poa semilatent virus. Virology, 219, 9-18.