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2014 Publications

  • Gene regulatory variation mediates flowering responses to vernalization along an altitudinal gradient in Arabidopsis thaliana (2015) Suter L, Hennig L Widmer A
    Plant Physiol 166: 1928-1942
  • Natural CMT2 variation is associated with genome-wide methylation changes and temperature adaptation (2014) Shen X, Hennig L, Carlborg Ö
    PLoS Genet 10: e1004842
  • Fragmentation of tRNA in Phytophthora infestans asexual life cycle stages and during host plant infection (2014) Åsman AKM, Vetukuri RR, Jahan SN, Fogelqvist J, Corcoran P, Avrova AO, Whisson S, Dixelius C
    BMC Microbiology 14:308
  • Loss and retention of resistance genes in five species of the Brassicaceae family (2014) Peele HM, Guan N, Fogelqvist J, Dixelius C
    BMC Plant Biológy 14:298
  • Changes in Histone Methylation and Acetylation during Microspore Reprogramming to Embryogenesis Occur Concomitantly with Bn HKMT and Bn HAT Expression and Are Associated with Cell Totipotency, Proliferation, and Differentiation in Brassica napus (2014) Rodríguez-Sanz H, Moreno-Romero J, Solís MT, Köhler C, Risueño MC, Testillano PS
    Cytogenetic and Genome Research 2014;143(1-3):209-18
  • High-resolution genetic mapping and physical map construction for the fertility restorer Rfm1 locus in barley (2014) Ui H, Sameri M, Pourkheirandish M, Chang MC, Shimada H, Stein N, Komatsuda T, Handa H
    Theoretical and Applied Genetics November 2014
  • Polar auxin transport is essential for medial versus lateral tissue specification and vascular-mediated valve outgrowth in Arabidopsis gynoecia (2014) Larsson E, Roberts CJ, Claes AR, Franks RG, Sundberg E
    Plant Physiology 166:1998-2012
  • Genome analysis of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens subsp. plantarum UCMB5113: a rhizobacterium that improves plant growth and stress management (2014) Niazi A, Manzoor S, Asari S, Bejai S, MeijerJ, Bongcam-Rudloff E
    PLOS One 9(8):e104651
  • Transcriptome sequencing of two wild barley (Hordeum spontaneum L.) ecotypes differentially adapted to drought stress reveals ecotype-specific transcripts (2014) Bedada G, Westerbergh A, Müller T, Galkin E, Bdolach E, Moshelion M, Fridman E, Schmid KJ
    BMC Genomics 15:995
  • Detection of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus in imported tomato fruit in northern Europe (2014) Just K, Leke WN, Sattar MN, Luik A, Kvarnheden A
    Plant Pathology 63: 1454-1460
  • Mixed infection by two West African tomato-infecting begomoviruses and Ageratum leaf curl Cameroon betasatellite in tomato in Cameroon (2014) Leke WN, Kvarnheden A
    Archives of Virology 159: 3145-3148
  • A viral transcription factor exhibits antiviral RNA silencing suppression activity independent of its nuclear localization (2014) Lukhovitskaya NI, Vitukuri RR, Sama I, Thaduri S, Solovyev AG, Savenkov EI
    Journal of General Virology 95: 2831-2837
  • Factors involved in systemic transport of plant RNA viruses: the emerging role of the nucleus (2014) Solovyev AG, Savenkov EI
    Journal of Experimental Botany 65: 1689-1697
  • WUSCHEL-RELATED HOMEOBOX 8/9 is important for proper embryo patterning in the gymnosperm Norway spruce (2014) Zhu T, Moschou PN, Alvarez JM, Sohlberg JJ, von Arnold S
    Journal of Experimental Botany doi: 10.1093/jxb/eru371
  • Hypomethylated Pollen Bypasses the Interploidy Hybridization Barrier in Arabidopsis (2014) Schatlowski N, Wolff P, Santos-González J, Schoft V, Siretskiy A, Scott R, Tamaru H, Köhler C
    Plant Cell September 2014 (Advance Online Publication)
  • Genetic diversity, population structure and phenotypic variation in European Salix viminalis L. (Salicaceae) (2014) Berlin S,Trybush SO, Fogelqvist J, N. Gyllenstrand N, Hallingbäck HR, Åhman I, Nordh N-E, Shield I, Powers SJ, Weih M, Lagercrantz U, Rönnberg-Wästljung A-C, Karp A, Hanley SJ
    Tree genetics & Genomes 28 Aug 2014
  • QTL mapping of biomass and nitrogen economy traits in willows (Salix spp.) grown under contrasting water and nutrient conditions (2014) Berlin S, Ghelardini L, Bonosi L, Weih M, Rönnberg-Wästljung AC
    Molecular Breeding July 2014
  • Autophagy as initiator or executioner of cell death (2014) Minina EA, Bozhkov PV, Hofius D
    Trends in Plant Science 23 August 2014
  • Arabidopsis replacement histone variant H3.3 occupies promoters of regulated genes (2014) Shu H, Nakamura M, Siretskiy A, Borghi L, Moraes I, Wildhaber T, Gruissem W, Hennig L
    Genome Biology 15:R62
  • Variations on a theme - Polycomb group proteins in plants (2014) Derkacheva M, Hennig L
    Journal of Experimental Botany 65:2769-2784
  • Wax esters of different compositions produced via engineering of leaf chloroplast metabolism in Nicotiana benthamiana (2014) Aslan S, Sun C, Leonova S, Dutta P, Dörmann P, Domergue F, Stymne S, Hofvander P
    Metabolic Engineering 25; 103-112
  • Plant chromatin warms up in Madrid (2014) Jarillo, J.A.; Gaudin, V.; Hennig, L.; Kohler, C.; Pineiro, M.
    Epigenetics 9(4): 644-652
  • Embryo and endosperm, partners in seed development (2014) Lafon-Placette C., Köhler C.
    Current Opinion in Plant Biology 17: 64-69
  • Improved heat stress tolerance of wheat seedlings by bacterial seed treatment (2014) Abd El-Daim, I. A., Bejai, S., Meijer, J.
    Plant and Soil, 379(1-2), 337-350
  • Peroxisomal polyamine oxidase and NADPH-oxidase cross-talk for ROS homeostasis which affects respiration rate in Arabidopsis thaliana (2014) Andronis, E. A., Moschou, P. N., Toumi, I., Roubelakis-Angelakis, K. A.
    Frontiers in Plant Science 5, 3 April 2014
  • DNA sequence variation of wild barley Hordeum spontaneum (L.) across environmental gradients in Israel (2014) Bedada, G., Westerbergh, A., Nevo, E., Korol, A., Schmid, K. J.
    Heredity 112(6), 646-655
  • Somatic embryogenesis: life and death processes during apicalbasal patterning (2014) Smertenko, A.; Bozhkov, P.V.
    Journal of Experimental Botany 65(5): 1343-1360
  • Signaling unmasked (2014) Petersen, M., Hofius, D., Andersen, S. U.
    Autophagy 10(3), 520-521
  • Arabidopsis MSI1 functions in photoperiodic flowering time control (2014) Steinbach, Y., Hennig, L.
    Frontiers in Plant Science 5, 7 March 2014
  • A selection strategy in plant transformation based on antisense oligodeoxynucleotide inhibition (2014). Xie, Z. P., Sundstrom, J. F., Jin, Y. K., Liu, C. L., Jansson, C., Sun, C. X.
    Plant Journal,77(6), 954-961
  • Necrotic diseases caused by viruses in Swedish potato tubers (2014) Beuch, U., Persson, P., Edin, E., Kvarnheden, A.
    Plant Pathology, 63(3), 667-674
  • Signalling events regulating seed coat development (2014) Figueiredo, D. D., Kohler, C.
    Biochemical Society Transactions, 42, 358-363
  • Vacuolar cell death in plants Metacaspase releases the brakes on autophagy (2014) Minina, E. A., Smertenko, A. P., Bozhkov, P. V.
    Autophagy, 10(5), 926-927
  • RabGAP22 is required for defense to the vascular pathogen Verticillium longisporum and contributes to stomata immunity (2014) Roos J, Bejai S, Oide S, Dixelius C
    PLoS One 9: e88187
  • Clubroot, a persistent threat to Swedish oilseed rape production (2014) Wallenhammar, A. C., Almquist, C., Schwelm, A., Roos, J., Marzec-Schmidt, K., Jonsson, A., Dixelius, C.
    Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology, 36, 135-141
  • Development of a Genetic Transformation Method for Seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) (2014) Sridevy Sriskandarajah, David Clapham, Per-Olof Lundquist
    American Journal of Plant Sciences 5:528-534
  • doi: 10.3389/fpls.2014.00077
    doi: 10.3389/fpls.2014.00077
    doi: 10.3389/fpls.2014.00077
    doi: 10.3389/fpls.2014.00077
  • Remodelling chromatin to shape development of plants (2014) Gentry M, Hennig, L
    Exp Cell Res 321, 40-46
  • Complete genome sequence of a plant associated bacterium Bacillus amyloliquefaciens subsp. plantarum UCMB5033 (2014) Niazi A, Manzoor S, Bejai S, Meijer M, Bongcam-Rudloff E
    Standards in Genomic Sciences. 9(3): 5 p.
  • Caspases, Paracaspases, and Metacaspases (2014) Bozhkov PV, Salvesen G (Eds.)
    Methods in Molecular Biology Vol. 1133
  • Genetic architecture of spring and autumn phenology in Salix (2014) Ghelardini  L, Berlin  S, Weih  M, Lagercrantz  U, Gyllenstrand  N, Rönnberg-Wästljung  AC
    BMC Plant Biology 14:31
  • Future threats to agricultural food production posed by environmental degradation, climate change, and animal and plant diseases – a risk analysis in three economic and climate settings (2014) Sundström JF, Albihn A, Boqvist S, Ljungvall K, Marstorp H, Martiin C, Nyberg K, Vågsholm I, Yuen J, Magnusson U
    Food Security February 2014
  • Membrane trafficking and autophagy in pathogen-triggered cell death and immunity (2014) Teh O-K, Hofius D
    Journal of Experimental Botany January 2014 doi: 10.1093/jxb/ert441
  • Arabidopsis Accelerated Cell Death 11, ACD11, Is a Ceramide-1-Phosphate Transfer Protein and Intermediary Regulator of Phytoceramide Levels (2014) Simanshu DK, Zhai X, Munch D, Hofius D, Markham JE, Bielawski J, Bielawska A, Malinina L, Molotkovsky JG, Mundy JW, Patel DJ, and Brown RE
    Cell Reports January 2014 10.1016/j.celrep.2013.12.023 


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