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Integrative Analysis of Three RNA Sequencing Methods Identifies Mutually Exclusive Exons of MADS-Box Isoforms During Early Bud Development in Picea abies (2018) Akhter S, Kretzschmar WW, Nordal V, Delhomme N, Street NR, Nilsson O, Olof Emanuelsson O, Sundström JF
Frontiers of Plant Science November 2018 https://doi.org/10.3389/fpls.2018.01625

Analysis of nitrogen utilization capability during the proliferation and maturation phases of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) H.Karst.). (2018) Dahrendorf J, Clapham D, Egertsdotter U. Forests 9, 288-306

Somatic Embryogenesis in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.). 2018. Abrahamsson M, Clapham D, von Arnold, S. In: Forest Sciences Vol 84. Step Wise Protocols for Somatic Embryogenesis of Important Woody Plants. Vol 1, pp 123-134. Eds S.M. Jain and G.P. Gupta. Springer Nature. ISBN 978-3-319-89482-9. 

Bacteria exploit autophagy for proteasome degradation and enhanced virulence in plants (2018) Üstün S, Hafrén A, Liu Q, Marshall RS, Minina EA, Bozhkov P, Vierstra RD, Hofius D
Plant Cell doi:10.1105/tpc.17.00815

Transcriptional stimulation of rate-limiting components of the autophagic pathway improves plant fitness (2018) Minina EA, Moschou PN, Vetukuri RR, Sanchez-Vera V, Cardoso C, Qinsong Liu Q, Elander PH, Dalman K, Beganovic M, Lindberg Yilmaz J, Marmon S, Shabala L, Suarez MF, KL, Novák O, Shabala S, Stymne S, Hofius D, Bozhkov PV
Journal of Experimental Botany69(6): 1415–1432

Autophagy-related approaches for improving nutrient use efficiency and crop yield protection (2018) Avin-Wittenberg T, Baluška F, Bozhkov PV, Elander PH, Fernie AR, Galili G, Hassan A, Hofius D, Isono E, Masclaux-Daubresse RLBC, Minina EA, Peled-Zehavi H, Coll NS, Sandalio LM, Satiat-Jeunemaitre B,Sirko A, Testillano PS, Batoko H
Journal of Experimental Botany 69 (6): 1335–1353

QTL Mapping of Wood FT-IR Chemotypes Shows Promise for Improving Biofuel Potential in Short Rotation Coppice Willow (Salix spp.) (2018) Pawar PM, Schnürer A, Mellerowicz EJ, Rönnberg-Wästljung AC
Bioenergy research https://doi.org/10.1007/s12155-018-9901-8

SHI/STY genes affect pre- and post- meiotic anther processes in auxin sensing domains in Arabidopsis (2018) Estornell LH, Landberg K, Cierlik I and Sundberg E Frontiers in Plant Science doi: 10.3389/fpls.2018.00150


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