Nordfruit: Pre-breeding for future challenges in nordic fruits and berries

Last changed: 05 November 2020

Nordfruit is the short name for a Public Private Partnership project on pre-breeding for future challenges in Nordic apples and strawberries established by participants from 7 Nordic and Baltic countries. The project is partly supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers through Nordgen and is coordinated by Dr. Stein Harald Hjeltnes Graminor AS, Norway.

The focus of Nordfruit is to strengthen pre-breeding cooperation in line with previous PPP-projects (NORDAPP), validate available germplasm resources by genetic and phenotypic characterization in order to widen the parental pool aimed at genetic resources enhancement by increasing diversity for targeted traits. For this purpose we will standardize and validate phenotyping protocols for both disease resistance (eg. canker and fruit rots) and fruit quality traits. Within this project we also enhance and develop the genetic competence as well as initiate the process of integration of modern genetic tools into the breeding programs. Specially designed multipurpose cultivar panels to be established in the project, well representing the genetic variation and novel technologies, will serve as a first step towards transition into genome-informed breeding.




Graminor AS, Norway

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Sweden

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Finland

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Estonian University of Life Sciences, Polli Horticultural Research Centre, Estonia

Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Institute of Horticulture, Latvia

Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, Institute of Horticulture, Lithuania