Plant Protein Group Alnarp

Last changed: 22 June 2022

The Plant Protein Group Alnarp has received thematic development money in an initiative from the LTV faculty.

The investment includes a broad research competence with researchers who cover aspects from cultivation, plant breeding, processing and product development to economics, sustainability and consumer aspects.

-“The plant protein group Alnarp” will put Alnarp and the faculty on the map and make available expertise throughout the chain when it comes to vegetable (plant) protein for human consumption, says initiator Eva Johansson.


Knowledge and competence in vegetable protein and consumption

The purpose of the group's work is to gather and make available knowledge and competence in vegetable protein and consumption and to initiate a common base within all parts of the area at the LTV faculty in Alnarp.

By covering the entire chain, and by gathering researchers with different special competences within the subject, greater visibility and increased efforts are made in the research and public debate.

The group is expected to lead to increased collaboration between researchers, but also with society and industry, to increased education of students at different levels and to more joint projects in the field.

-We will benefit from and use each other's skills but also channel efforts to the right person, and do things together, says Eva Johansson.


Participants in The Plant Protein Group Alnarp

  • Eva Johansson, Professor, Product quality, initiator
  • Georg Carlsson, Professor, Cultivation systems and sustainability
  • Sven-Erik Svensson, Adjunkt, Cultivation and technology development
  • Åsa Grimberg, Researcher, Plant breeding
  • William Newson, Researcher, Processing
  • Kristina Santén, Head of unit Collaboration and development
  • Thomas Prade, Assistant professor, Economy and sustainability
  • Sara Spendrup, Assistant professor, Consumer aspects