Induced resistance and fungicides

Last changed: 31 October 2017

To decrease the dependence on fungicides in the more short-term perspective fungicide use has to be combined with other means of disease control. That may for example involve agents for Induced resistance (IR) and to adjust dose and interval of fungicides to the level of partial resistance in existing potato cultivars.

Induced resistance (IR) is an interesting phenomenon that may be utilized in disease control in certain situations. However, to be explored in practice it has to be integrated with other methods.

We are investigating if Phytophthora infestans on potatoes can be controlled with a reduced amount of fungicide if the fungicide is combined with an inducer of plant defence. We test combinations of fungicides and BABA (beta-amino buturic acid) and other non-toxic chemical inducers in both greenhouse and field trials. We also study mechanisms of induced resistance with microscopy and analyzes of the expression of defence genes. One goal is to identify markers for IR that can be used for studying onset of induced resistance in field situations.

This main approach is quantitative large-scale proteome and phospho-proteome studies.




Therese Bengtsson (PhD), Erland Liljeroth, Erik Andreasson, Marit Lenman