Resistance to late blight in potato

Last changed: 31 October 2017

The main goal for this project is to identify new sources of resistance against Phytopththora infestans, the causual agent of potato late blight. We will apply both classical breeding methods and modern proteomics.


Promising breeding material, showing good resistance to late blight, will be analysed with molecular tools and maintained in vitro in a gene bank. The material can be used for future classical breeding, effector screenings and proteomics studies.


Proteomics is expected to generate (1) a better understanding of new types resistance in potato, (2) a basis for designing markers for resistance breeding. Candidate genes will be transferred to suitable potato cultivars.

This main approach is quantitative large-scale proteome and phosphoproteome studies.




Erik Andreasson, Marit Lenman, Ulrika Carlson-Nilsson (Dept. Plant Breeding and Biotechnology)