"How Is My Soil?" Educational Package on Soil Structure and Soil Health

Last changed: 20 June 2024
A hand is holding a mobile phone that shows the app "How is your earth". Photo.

We want to raise awareness of the importance of good soil health to achieve high production and minimize environmental problems in agriculture. This is based on the 'How is my soil' management app. We develop training packages and create new modules for the app. The training packages aim to reach more users and contribute to better soil management and soil health. The main target groups are farmers and advisors dealing with soil issues.

The project's main goal is to raise awareness of the importance of good soil health for achieving high production and avoiding environmental issues in agriculture. The two most important sub-goals are to develop educational packages for various target groups based on the soil care app 'How Is My Soil?' and to design new modules to be added to the app. The soil care app is based on research from the Department of Soil and Environment at SLU. With the educational packages, we can reach more users who can contribute to important soil care work for better soil health.

The primary target groups are farmers and their advisors, who work long-term with soil issues in their daily operations. The Federation of Swedish Farmers educates its members and is, therefore, along with study associations and study circle leaders, an important target group. Teachers

and students at agricultural high schools are other essential target groups who can benefit from more knowledge and tools to work with soil health.

In the project, we will develop new modules that can be included in the soil care app. These will be launched annually at major agricultural fairs to maintain interest in soil issues and the app. We will involve some users as beta testers during the project to evaluate the educational material. The new modules in the app and the educational packages will also be presented at advisory conferences, local farmer days, on social media, through the agricultural schools' association, and in agricultural press.


Project name: MarkApp - Öka medvetenheten om vikten av en god jordhälsa och utveckla utbildningspaket för att underlätta användningen av markvårdsappen ”Hur mår min jord?” inom undervisning och rådgivning
Budget: 1 795 210 kr
Funder: Formas
Planned project period: 2022-2025


Örjan Berglund, Researcher
Department of Soil and Environment, SLU
orjan.berglund@slu.se, +46 18671186