About Department

Last changed: 09 June 2023

Forest research in Alnarp began in 1988 through a partnership between the forest sector and SLU. The main reason for its establishment was the lack of forest research and forestry higher education in southern Sweden. For the first six years the program focused solely on production forestry. Today, the focus has gradually expanded into research and teaching on themes of forest policy, forest planning, conservation biology and forest history, tropical forestry and seed laboratory.

The Department currently has about 50 employees, including approximately 25 scientists and 15 postgraduates. Work is conducted in close cooperation with SLU's research parks, primarily the Asa and Tönnersjöhedens research forests.

The department's mission is to develop and deliver knowledge for practical use in close collaboration with the forest sector in southern Sweden. Research is both basic and applied and is conveyed primarily through the institution's basic courses but also through further education, training and information efforts directed toward the forest sector.

Our four main areas of research include forest management, Production forestry, Forest policy and forest planning, Conservation biology and forest history, and Tropical forestry and seed laboratory.

Extension services at the department are comprehensive and are directed at the forestry sector. Their purpose is to be an active partner in the development of forestry and for southern Sweden research efforts to receive feedback from the forest sector.


Here you find the Annual reports of the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre. They are produced by Pär Fornling, Skog Alnarp. Enjoy the reading!

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