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Last changed: 18 October 2021

Master’s education at the department has at its core a goal of economically sustainable forests in southern Sweden. Much focus is also put on comparative analysis of countries around the southern Baltic Sea region. There are many similarities in the forest sector across this region such as forest industries, markets, unique forest habitats and social concerns shared across national borders.

Forestry is changing quickly, posing unique challenges to forestry education. Alnarp is an international education environment, where students from around the world meet, share knowledge and discuss differences in forestry and cultures. Students are prepared to work in an international environment and to have broad perspectives on issues related to forestry and beyond.

Our programs are field-intensive and are conducted both in Sweden at SLU's Asa and Tönnersjöheden research stations, the Östad Manor close to Alingsås, and also through study tours abroad. Recent courses have traveled to Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and BialowiezaNational Park in eastern Poland.

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Euroforester MSc programme

This program is a top choice for you who are open-minded and wish to get profound understanding in forest management, ecology, planning and policy that goes beyond certain national tradition.


Our courses

We offer a number of courses, mainly within our Euroforester masters programme. We also give courses within our "jägmästar" and "skogsmästar" programs, in addition to stand-alone courses. These advanced-level courses are taught in English and in most cases are 15 credits each, which is equal to about 10 weeks of full-time study. The courses are within the subjects of forest science, forest management and biology.

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Thesis Courses

  • Master thesis in Forest Science, 30 credits- Possible to apply for autumn, spring or summer semester
  • Master thesis in Biology, 30 credits- Possible to apply for autumn, spring or summer semester
  • Master thesis in Forest Science, 60 credits- Possible to apply for autumn, spring or summer semester



Master´s thesis information

You may write your master's thesis (30 ECTS or 60 ECTS) or bachelor's thesis (15 ECTS) at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre.
We can offer you supervision when writing your final thesis in the fields of forest science, forest management or biology. The following list outlines the various subjects and projects in which you can do your thesis work, through the staff at our department or within a company. Obviously, you are welcome to explore your own ideas and we would be happy to discuss them and help you find the most suitable supervisor at the department.

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Course internal portals

With the start of the autumn semester of 2019, SLU is moving completely to a new, integrated learning platform called Canvas. Canvas is a web-based course environment, where every student and teacher can access all the courses they take part in. The modern system of Canvas offers its users with several expedient features:

  • Access to all course material: course literature, lecture materials, links and other learning tools.
  • Effortless submission of all the required assignments.
  • Free communication between teachers and other participants of the course.
  • Opportunity to have an open discussion with other participants of the course in case something is unclear or if there is a topic, which, in your opinion, deserves more consideration.
  • Assess the work of your peers as well as receive feedback on your assignments.
  • Easy-to-use Canvas student app for smartphones!

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Euroforester/standalone courses

Sustainable Forestry in Southern Sweden 2020 (ENG & SE) (Canvas)

Forest Regeneration 2020 (ENG & SE)  (Canvas)

Silviculture of Temperate Forests 2020 (ENG & SE)  (Canvas)

Planning in Sustainable Forest Management - Theory, Methods and Tools (Canvas)

National and International Forest Policy 2021 (Canvas)

Broadleaves - Forest dynamics, biodiversity and management for multiple use 2020 (Canvas)

If you have questions please contact course leaders or Andis Zvirgzdins.


Jörg Brunet, Professor, Euroforester Program Director
Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU, +46 40 415184

Desiree Mattsson, Coordinator
Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU, +46 40 415188