Master Thesis

Last changed: 16 June 2021

You can write your master’s thesis (30 ECTS or 60 ECTS) or bachelor’s thesis (15 ECTS) at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre. We can offer you supervision when writing your final thesis in the fields of biology and forest management. The following list outlines the various subjects in which you can do your thesis work, through the staff at our department or within a company. Obviously, you are welcome to explore your own ideas and we would be happy to discuss them and help you find the most suitable supervisor at the department.

For inspiration you can have a look at the
STUDENT PROJECTS ARCHIVE, with finished Master theses at Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre

 We have expertise and supervisors within the fields of:

  • Forest ecology
  • Forest history
  • Forest policy
  • Forest planning
  • Nature conservation
  • Pathology
  • Silviculture (including regeneration, and forest growth and yield)
  • Tropical forestry and seed science



What to choose? Codes and info

Can you choose?
It depends! –Program students. From 2018/2019 always Forest Science. But two different codes! See below! For other students – Biology EX0931.
Do you fulfill the prerequisites of 30credits at advanced level/second cycle in a subject? Classification of courses have changed. From Academic year 2016/2017 courses are classified as Biology and Forest Science. Then it most probably is best to do MSc thesis work in Biology or Forest Science respectively.


Application codes

  Spring 2020          Summer 2020     Autumn 2020  
Master thesis in Forest Science EX0984, 30 ECTS     SLU-30146 SLU-50055  SLU-10022



Application codes 

  Spring 2020         Summer 2020    Autumn 2020    
Master arbete i  skogsvetenskap, EX0985, 30 ECTS                   SLU-30147 SLU-50056  SLU-10069



Application codes
  Autumn 2020          Spring 2021      Summer 2021    
Master thesis in Biology EX0986, 30 ECTS SLU-10220 SLU-30209  SLU-50059 


60 ECTS thesis. 
The 60 ECTS work is uncommon and need a close connection to a research project. Please contact the course leader for more information.

Applying for the MSc thesis-step-by-step instruction

Before you begin work on your MSc thesis, be sure you are accepted!

The first step is to apply to the MSc thesis program or MSc thesis course.
Yes, it is a bit confusing as MSc thesis work is called a course, but be open-minded and accept that!

The deadline for application is 15 October for the spring term and 15 April for the fall. However, it is possible to make a late application at any time of the year using the link below
You can write MSc thesis at our department in two different subjects, Forest Science and Biology.

The work, to write a thesis, is the same and equal for the two subjects. So why is this important?

First: All program students, EUROFORESTER master program or the national MSc program I forestry "Jägmästarprogrammet" write thesis in Forest Science. Other students, from other faculties at SLU or other universities, are welcome to write a thesis in Biology.

Second; will you be accepted? "Knowledge equivalent to 30 credits at second-cycle level in the main field of study (=biology/forest science....). A Pass grade for the independent project at first-cycle level, or a Bachelor's degree".
Check details here:

Answers to frequently asked questions

  1. How do I start? See the instructions above!

  2. When and where do I apply? Procedures differ depending on the type of student. For Euroforester MSc students and international students here : and "Jägmästar" students, here:
    Students in an Erasmus Mundus programme (including Sufonama) please contact the international coordinator, at the forest faculty. You should send the application code of the MSc thesis you want to enroll in.

  3. Who should receive the work plan? Giulia Attocchi shall approve the work plan BEFORE you start.

  4. How do I register in SLU's Ladok system? If you are accepted and the the work plan is OK the department register you. Then you officially are an MSc thesis student. You will be registered for 1 semester at a time. If the master's thesis project takes longer than this, you must tell supervisor. Then we re-register you. It is up to you as a student to inform us. If you forget to do so, you will not be able to use the student portal and other databases because you are not officially a student.

  5. What should I do if I become ill, want to take a break or want to withdraw from the program? If you get sick or need a break please inform supervisor and Giulia Attocchi by email. This is important for us to maintain an overview of which MSc theses are active or not. If you want to withdraw without completing the MSc thesis please send an email to us so she can remove your registration from the system.

  6. What if I only have time to write half-time or am unable to finish in time? There are no specific course codes for writing a thesis half-time so you should apply for full-time thesis work, but you must inform and get approval from your supervisor and examiners to write your thesis half-time. Many students register for thesis work in summer and then do field work. Then you can continue thesis work in autumn or later. Before each new semester, inform us will re-register you for next semester.

  7. What about examination? We prefer to call it presentation. The presentation is a part of the examination but it is mainly based on the written thesis you hand in.
    Presentation dates in spring term 2019: 20/3, 3-4/6, and 26 and 28/8. If you started MSc thesis work earlier, other syllabus than EX0928, EX0929 or EX0931, you can present your work also at other periods.

  8. Do I need to be an opponent? YES! According to the syllabus for EX0928, EX0929 or EX0931 you shall be opponent at another students work. Preferably you do this as a part of your work and in the presentation period before your own presentation.
    Contact Giulia Attocchi, e-post