Forest management with many goals

Last changed: 28 March 2023
Distance MSc in forestry

The Master’s programme “Forest management with many goals” is a unique education where you will learn how the forest resources can be utilized from an economic, ecologic and societal perspective. This Master’s programme will provide you with broad knowledge of various use of forests.

The focus in this programme is on Swedish forestry and you will be working in close connection to forest sector in Sweden. You will have the opportunity to participate in lectures and excursions hosted by representatives of forest co-operations, forest companies, state authorities, and conservation NGO´s. Furthermore, you will be given a chance to do projects and Master's thesis in cooperation with various actors in the forest sector.

The first year´s programme includes courses about forestry and climate, conservation of biodiversity, science methodology and silviculture. During the second year, you will have more flexibility, you choose the courses you want to broaden or deepen your knowledge. For example, you can take courses in remote sensing, forest planning, forest damage and genetic improvement – to name a few.

The education is on distance with self-learning in the form of literature studies, exercises and assignments where communication with teachers and between students take place at the student portal in Canvas. Other on-line pedagogical tools are e.g. group-works, recorded classes, seminars and reports in seminars.

During each semester, we have physical meetings. Each meeting lasts for 2-4 days and the locations are most often in southern Sweden. Two-three meetings per semester are mandatory and we want to emphasize that the physical meetings are important for the education.

You have the opportunity to read at full- or half-speed. If you choose to read at half-speed, the total length of the programme will be four years, which will give you the flexibility to have a full-time or half time job in parallel.

The Master's programme is a joint programme between the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Linné University (LNU). SLU is responsible for admission to the programme.

After completing this Master's programme, you will be a forestry specialist, knowledgeable in its renewable abilities. Needless to mention, there is a great need for employees in the forest sector and you may work as a forester at the Forest agency or at a forest company, or as an expert in nature conservation. You may also work as forest specialist in other sectors such as in a bank, insurance company or at different state-organizations.

Finally yet importantly, after completing this programme, your career could also continue in research education (PhD) in forest- and wood technology, forest science and biology.

The programme is given in Swedish.

The programme is not given from the autumn 2023.