International Bachelor in Forest and Landscape Management (F&L)

Last changed: 28 March 2023

This bachelor’s programme is a unique collaboration between the Forestry Faculty and the Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Sciences at SLU with international partner Wageningen University.

The Forest and Landscape Management programme provides students with a unique holistic integration of the two disciplines. It regards forested landscapes as dynamic natural systems influenced by their management and use. Students learn to embrace this complexity to better manage multifunctional forested landscapes as socio-economic and ecological systems.

The programme focuses on three dimensions of sustainable forested landscape management:

  • (i) Rural, urban and peri-urban forest resources in their landscape context,
  • (ii) The social, economic and environmental needs of these landscapes' users, and
  • (iii) The public and private actors sustainably planning and managing forested landscapes.

The integrated approach of Forest and Landscape Management trains professionals equipped to address many of society's challenges, focusing on field-specific and transferrable skills. Students get prepared to impact their future profession by deepening their technical knowledge and developing essential soft skills like networking, collaboration, diversity, time management, writing and media communications.

Graduates of the Forest and Landscape Management programme will be able to work as foresters, planners, managers and advisors for local and national governments, NGOs, multilaterals and private companies.

How to apply

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