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Last changed: 22 February 2017

Your education is important. Make it a fun, interesting and exiting experience! At SLU success is within your reach.

SLU's Alnarp campus is a green oasis between Malmo and Lund, conveniently located near almost everything you will need during your studies. If you like travelling, Copenhagen Airport is a 30 minute train ride away. Bus and train transportation is well-developed with frequent service. There are extensive well maintained bicycle paths in the region and a maritime climate permits biking year round. If you are fond of shopping and city life, Malmö and Lund are less than 10 kilometres away. If you prefer to experience nature, your options are extensive. Stenshuvud National Park in in eastern Skania, Söderåsen National Park to the north and Dalby Söderskog near Lund are all within easy reach as day trips.


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