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Last changed: 13 November 2018

Here you will find links to various housing in the area around the campus in Alnarp, like Malmö and Lund.

All over Sweden

  • Free search engine of available rental properties in Sweden: KVALSTER


  • Accommodation in Alnarp
    Applicationform is avaliable on this page, for autumnsemester you can apply from 15th of April.

  • Burlövs Bostäder
    Contact Burlövs Bostäder AB, P.O Box 103, SE-232 22 Arlöv.
    Visiting address: Dalbyvägen 35
    Phone +46 (0)40 539700

    Burlöv is only some kilometre from Alnarp. They have apartments from 1 room + kitchen
    and bigger. Around 20 minutes' walk from Campus in Alnarp. Close to buses and
    train to Malmö, Lund and else. Page only available in Swedish.
    For more info check under the link "Kontakt" on their website.

  • SAS, Stiftelsen Alnarpsbostäder
    Björnbärsgatan 1, 234 43 Lomma

    Around 5 minutes' cycle route and 15 minute walk to Alnarp. Quiet location in residential area and close to beaches and Lomma centre. Bus to Lund takes 20 minutes to Malmö and 25 minutes. It is also very close to the bus stop.

  • Student room in Åkarp:
    Private landlords, Anneli Jessen, has a house with six rooms in Åkarp, about 3 km to the University in Alnarp. Good train connections to Malmö, Lund, etc. Call or email, see more details on the website.







  • Blocket, a marketplace where you can find almost everything you´ll need as well as private persons renting out accommodation.
    Webpage only in Swedish.

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