Student housing

Last changed: 09 June 2023
IKEA house

Students who have been accepted to study at SLU Alnarp are eligible to apply for on-campus accommodation. Most applicants are assigned a room in one of the buildings located around the campus. If there is a shortage of on-campus rooms there are several other options for you to choose from.

There are student apartments and rooms available in nearby cities – Lomma, Lund and Malmö. Keep in mind that the rental market in Sweden is currently tight, and you may face long queues. Another option is to explore the market of "second hand" apartments and rooms. You can find offers on the Sweden´s largest online market called Blocket. All apartments currently available for first-hand rental can be found on Kvalster.

For more information about student housing visit the student housing webpage or contact the housing managers in Alnarp – Christina Johansson and Karl Vessman via