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Last changed: 07 July 2017

We offer a number of courses, mainly within our Euroforester masters programme. We also give courses within our “jägmästar” and “skogsmästar” programs, in addition to stand-alone courses. These advanced-level courses are taught in English and are 15 credits each, which is equal to about 10 weeks of full-time study. The six courses are within the subjects of forest science, forest management and biology.


Sustainable Forestry in Southern Sweden 2017

Silviculture of temperate forests 2017

Planning in Sustainable Forest Management 2017

Tropical and Subtropical Silviculture 2017

National and International Forest Policy 2018

Broadleaves: Forest dynamics, biodiversity, and management for multiple goals 2018


PhD course:
Introduction to forest management research, basic data handling and statistical analysis, October 2016- February 2017


Jörg Brunet, Professor, Euroforester Program Director
Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU
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