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The Department carries out research, teaching and dissemination of scientific findings with direct application to the sustainable management of forests. We are a multidisciplinary institution, with global relevance but specialized expertise on issues related to the dynamic forest landscapes of southern Sweden. We closely collaborate with multiple stakeholders and conduct applied research in forest management, forest ecology, pathology, policy and planning. We teach bachelor, Masters and PhD level courses addressing all of these subject areas.

Forest pathology group

We conduct basic and applied research on trees and their pathology, in the city and in the forest. We want to be relevant for the forest owner as well as for the society.

Phytophthora. Photo: Cameron Colleypriest

Silviculture group

Our focus is management of southern Swedish conifer and broadleaf forests. We also conduct research in other parts of Sweden and other countries.

Forest policy and planning

We work with a broad range of issues in forest policy and planning on multiple scales, from a single estate in Sweden to global land-use problems.

People in forest

Forest ecology group

Our interest is the forest ecosystem. We conduct research about interactions between the organisms in the forest, vegetation history and conservation biology, for example.


Southern Swedish Mixed Forest Group

A large interdisciplinary team at our department researches issues the management, biodiversity, and ecosystem services provisioned by mixed-species production forests.

We are currently investigating the importance of the spatial grain of mixtures (patch versus intimate scale) on biodiversity and ecosystem service outcomes and the implications of increasing the broadleaf component of production forests from Norway spruce-birch mixtures, to birch dominated stands, on forest bird communities.

Website of Southern Swedish Mixed Forest Group

Published: 07 March 2023 - Page editor: klas.pernebratt@slu.se