Silviculture group

Last changed: 21 September 2021

The silviculture group at the Department of Southern Swedish Forest Research Center conducts research on forest management in coniferous and deciduous forests in Sweden. Our topics are forest production, regeneration, root rot and the management of broadleave forests among other things. Most of our research deals with forest management in south Sweden, but we also conduct a lot of research in other parts of Sweden and in other countries.

Our goal is to increase the knowledge of the effects of different management methods to the forest. The methods can aim to increase production, increase value or change the characteristics of the forest.

So far, it has often been the timber that has been the focus, but increasingly important are other values ​​in the forest. Often, our work results in recommendations for forest management.

Examples of research issues are the establishment of forest, fertilization, clearing and thinning, forest management to reduce the effects of storm and root rot, alternative forest management methods such as continuity forestry and adaptation of the forest to the ongoing climate change.