Forest policy and planning

Last changed: 23 November 2020

Our group conducts research across multiple disciplines, with forest policy and planning as the bearing subjects.

The research spans widely, from model-based analyses of silvicultural alternatives, over forest planning at landscape level to comparative forest policy studies in various countries.

Our largest project ALTERFOR engages researchers from different disciplines at the department as well as from 12 partner countries across Europe.

Selected publications

Brukas, V. and Sallnäs, O., 2012. Forest management plan as a policy instrument: carrot, stick or sermon? Land Use Policy29(3): 605-613.

Brukas, V., 2015. New world, old ideas—A narrative of the Lithuanian forestry transition. Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning17(4): 495-515.

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Lodin, I., Brukas, V. and Wallin, I., 2017. Spruce or not? Contextual and attitudinal drivers behind the choice of tree species in southern Sweden. Forest Policy and Economics83: 191-198.

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Trubins, R., Jonsson, R., Wallin, I. and O. Sallnäs 2019. Explicating behavioral assumptions in forest scenario modelling–the behavioral matrix approach. Forest Policy and Economics103: 70-78.

ALTERFOR Travellab

Travellab is an innovative format for cross-regional learning in ALTERFOR, combining the conventional field excursion with round table discussions and other follow up sessions together with local stakeholders. This film documents Travellab during the ALTERFOR project meeting in June 2018 in the region "Vale do Sousa" near Porto, Portugal. For more materials, visit the ALTERFOR website.


Vilis Brukas, Researcher
Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU, +46 40 415198

Renats Trubins, Postdoctor
Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU, +46 40 415183

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