Production Forestry

Last changed: 18 October 2017
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Our work is mainly applied research and based on field trials. Our goal is to raise awareness of the impact of various actions carried out in forests. These measures may aim to increase production, increase the value or change other characteristics of the forest. Timber has often been the main focus but other values of forests are also important. Our work often results in recommendations for forest management. It is important that these recommendations are based on scientific studies. Although our main focus is applied research, we also conduct basic research to support the group's efforts to increase the efficiency of forest resource use.

Examples of research topics are: establishment of planted seedlings, planting of oak and beech, fertilization (both conventional fertilization and customized fertilization in young stands of pine), clearing and thinning, forest management to reduce the impacts of storms and root rot, alternative forest management practices such as continuous cover forestry and the effects of climate change on forest growth.

We have a long history of engaging in thematic research programs. Currently, we are active with two major research programs, TC4F and FRAS.


Eric Agestam, Researcher
Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU, +46 40 415192

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