Tropical Forestry and Seed Laboratory

Last changed: 21 June 2016

The major research interests of this group are in the area of global silviculture and forest renewal. Global climate change, deforestation and loss of biodiversity are emerging challenges.

New silvicultural research initiatives are expected to meet these challenges and societal needs related to forest management around the world. Aspects of silvicultural research in the changing world include forest governance, silvicultural management for multiple uses, rehabilitation of degraded forests and landscapes, recycling of waste products through forest fertilization, silvicultural management to control pests, and management of valuable, rare, endangered or threatened forest species. In light of these global silvicultural research directions, our group has been and is still working in many countries throughout the world: Sweden (Europe), Ecuador, Nicaragua (Latin America), China, Nepal, Laos, India, Iran and Indonesia (Asia), Burkina Faso, Botswana and Ethiopia (Africa).

The main areas of our research have been:

  • developing techniques for seed quality assessment (e.g. biochemical markers and near infrared spectroscopy)
  • enhancement of seedlot performance
  • the effects of silvicultural management on the structure and function of ecosystems, productivity of non-timber forest products
  • stand dynamics and regeneration of forests following disturbances,
  • monitoring biodiversity in protected areas
  • rehabilitation of degraded landscapes (including abandoned agricultural lands), characterization of storage behaviour for effective ex-situ conservation of forest genetic resources
  • evaluation of provenances for future tree improvement programs.

We have also started looking into the role of tropical forests in global climate change mitigation and adaptation. Our research vision is to develop adaptive silvicultural practices that balance economic, environmental and social criteria for sustainable forest management. The group offers courses in Tropical Silviculture, Forest Regeneration, Seed Science, Scientific Paper Writing and Tropical Forest Restoration.


Per Christer Oden, Professor
Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU, +46 40 415 394

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