Our activities at Urban and Rural Development

Last changed: 09 April 2021

The Department of Urban and Rural Development is a multidisciplinary department. In our research and teaching we focus on the societal aspects of SLU’s areas of responsibility.

At the department we share common interests in development, planning and communication for natural resource management and land use. Our research is grounded in social sciences, and humanities and landscape design principles, but is also characterized by interdisciplinary approaches in which natural sciences are important. The department is since 2015 environmentally certified against the international standard ISO 14001:2004.

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Cover of the Annual Report 2020.


The research subjects at the Department of Urban and Rural Development are:

Agrarian history 
Environmental communication
Landscape architecture
Rural development


In undergraduate education, we have the responsibility for courses within three professional undergraduate programmes and three master's programmes:

Landscape Engineer Program - Uppsala (3 yrs) (in Swedish)
Agriculture – Rural development programme  (5 yrs) (in Swedish)
Landscape architecture programme - Ultuna (5 yrs) (in Swedish)

Environmental communication and management - master's programme (2 yrs)
Landscape Architecture for Sustainable Urbanisation (2 yrs)
Rural development and natural resource management - master's programme (2 yrs)

The department also offers courses in bachelor degree programmes in biology and environmental sciences, the other SLU agronomy programmes, the engineering programme in environment and water technology, the engineering programme in energy systems and in the two master programmes Sustainable Development and Environmental History.

External collaboration

Collaboration with actors outside the academy is an important part of the department’s activities and we have the following collaboration platforms:

Sida's Helpdesk for Environment and Climate Change
SLU Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation
SLU Swedish Biodiversity Centre CBM

We work with issues in Sweden and Europe as well as in the Global South. To further the collaboration between the three research subjects in their work with Global South issues. We also have several Linneus-Palme projects for collaboration in teaching with universities in the Global South.

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